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Corporate Video

Challenge: To spread the story of Starbucks Youth Action grants while emphasizing the story and locality of non profit organizations.  

  • Each video on received over 2500 likes and 300 comments on Facebook. This was in line or above typical video responses for the Starbucks Facebook page.
  • Non profit organizations received increased exposure
  • Videos received thousands of views on YouTube

Starbucks wanted a series of videos showcasing the non profit organizations who benefit from the Starbucks Foundation Youth Action Grants. We worked closely with small non-profits to ensure their stories were told and the impact of those stories was tremendous.  The production made it clear that Starbucks funded these grants, without heavily branding Starbucks in the content. Radio Arte is one of six videos created by the team.  One challenge of this project was to differentiate each video, which was achieved by making the location city a character in the story. 

Documentary Film

Challenge: to create longer format film with footage from existing resources, leveraging existing assets to create cohesive content.  To capture content that can be used in both web-length video or in a longer format film.



  • Over 70K views on YouTube
  • Chagrin Doc Film Fest - Popcorn Award - Best Short Film
  • Flatland Film - Preston E. Smith Award
  • Nominated for BEST IMPACT FILM in the SIMA 2013 Educational Impact Film Category
  • Fargo Film Festival - Prairie Spirit Award 


For the GOOD/University of Phoenix partnership, the client asked for help creating a larger impact product, but did not have the funds to expand beyond the scope of the existing partnership.  Future Learning is a 12-minute short subject documentary film created from the materials collected while filming 8 mini-documentaries about technology in education.  The team created a short film for submission to film festivals for little additional cost by leveraging existing assets.


Viral Video

Challenge: to create a quality creative, promotion and partnership plan which encourages online video to go viral. 


  • Over 3.5M streams on YouTube alone within days of launch
  • Over 5M views across multiple video platforms

PSI, a global health organization, wanted to inform the public about the lack of access to clean water in many areas of the world.  This project involved the creation of three videos and an animated info-graphic, plus a promotion plan to launch the videos and encourage them to go viral.  Partnering with YouTube’s non-profit team, these videos were featured on the YouTube home page and went viral. 


Challenge: to create animated video content for multiple viewing platforms.


  • Over 500K views across YouTube, MySpace video and Daily Motion
  • Hundreds of thousands of in-store views. 

Whole Foods partnered with GOOD to create a series of video info-graphics for web distribution and in-store video screen distribution. Since the store screens do not provide audio, all of the information needed to be conveyed on screen with images, graphics and text. “Water Conservation” tackles a complex issue with bold colors and playful animation. By leveraging GOOD’s existing info-graphic style and research presentation format the team successfully created data driven videos that presented a conservation message to consumers in the Whole Foods audience.