Search Engine Optimization Techniques​ for Non Profits

By Jordan Ruden 

When a client wants to increase web traffic the first tool I reach for is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the strategic building block used to increase not only traffic but placement on search engine results pages (SERP).  

The trick with any business, but especially non profits is to figure out how to reach and engage the right audience. This is something that the search engine software alone simply can't do. Working with the organization, we find the right keywords to facilitate targeted non branded organic search visits.  The best keywords will depend in part on the organization’s (or your) target audience and how they (you) will be measuring success.  

Once the strategy is set and the goals are clear, then it's time to think about the mechanics of how to implement the strategy on the site. This involves reviewing the: 

  • Page Titles
  • URL's
  • Page Headers
  • Content 
  • Meta Descriptions

Sites that were buried deep in Google SERP can gain first page placement with good SEO technique. The right placement can increase page views and is an important first step in building or improving your web presence.

These changes do not happen overnight. It sometimes takes a few weeks for Google to reindex the pages and get them in their proper home, but it does work and can drive long lasting results.