My Hyper-Targeting Obsession, It’s Like a Video Game

By Jordan Ruden

Over the past few months I have been asked by several of my clients to help with social media marketing. We have been executing efforts to increase the number of followers, drive traffic to specific landing pages and increase engagement on specific posts. It has been really fun seeing how we can use social media to achieve these goals.

As we have shaped these efforts, one of my favorite exercises is to dial in the audience we want to target. For me it starts with research. It’s not just about understanding whom you want to reach, but knowing the best place to find them.

This is where the power of social media comes in. For example, Facebook allows you to not just target interests such as flying, but also really drill down to find people who like Cessna aircraft or flight safety. We can then narrow down even further to location, age, marriage status, and if they have children. The list goes on and on and this is where the game begins. 

It’s really fun to tailor all of the variables to see your potential audience size. The ability to do this in real time and then make adjustments is unprecedented. For under $100 you can get a clear picture of what works by modifying audiences, images and copy and then create a campaign that works. 

The balance comes by creating the right size audience so that your money is well spent and reaches the ideal amount of potential customers, donors or volunteers, while making sure you target your message and distribution to drive the most qualified leads. 

Take a crack at it. It's fun to see how precise you can get, and then test, measure, adjust, test again and finally execute. 

Pro tip: Use Facebook search to see the pages that those who like your page also like. To do this, type the following into the Facebook search bar: Pages liked by people who like Your Page