How to Find the Right Team for Your Project


By Jordan Ruden

I am always flattered when people come to me for advice. I spoke with two colleagues this week who are in the midst of job transitions. At the same time these colleagues gave me guidance as I formed the idea for One Eyed Acres. One theme that was consistent in these conversations was finding the right job for your personality. Some folks are great at focusing on one project at a time, others like to juggle multiple concurrent projects or manage teams of people.

The same applies for finding the right team for a project. Some people make outrageous viral videos, write short punchy copy, create beautiful info-graphics or create music. Success comes much easier when you connect a creative person’s strength with the right project. Some creative people really understand nonprofits and their special needs, others excel at delivering the perfect branded corporate message.

I have had the pleasure of working with many different talented folks in my career. It is so much fun to brew up the right chemistry to staff a project. One of the core ideas of One Eyed Acres is to bring together all of the talented creative people I have met and match them with projects that are the best fit for their talents.