How to Define Your Digital Goals

By Jordan Ruden

When I meet a prospective client, one of my first questions is “what are your goals?”. For me goals seem to be the logical place to start. While some businesses and nonprofits have clear goals in mind, others may know they want to increase a specific metric, but are not sure how to tie that desire into to action items and turn them into actionable goals. 

A goal can be as simple as increasing website traffic or Facebook followers. Others goals could be more involved, such as increase website conversions for a desired action, such as inspiring a donation, the purchase of a product or generation of a lead. 

Whatever your goals are, they are the first step to outlining a successful digital media strategy. Once the goals are set, then you can move on to understanding your audience, creating the right content & context for each platform, developing a story-based editorial calendar, and reviewing, analyzing and adjusting based on engagement performance. 

Goals Process.png

Each organization is different and requires a different approach to achieve its goals. Only through a thoughtful discovery process can you truly understand how to approach a problem. This does not mean you need to spend six weeks flushing out a grand strategic plan. Most business and nonprofits don’t have the bandwidth or resources to dedicate to that kind of work.  However, most organizations, with the right tools and guidance, can, in less than a day, define goals and success measurements. Once this is in place, the next steps become more manageable.