Five Tips for Successful Business Twitter Posting

By Jordan Ruden

Twitter is an incredible platform, but like anything else, those 140 characters are merely a tool, and you want to use your tools wisely. Here are a few tips that can help you engage and build your audience. 

Think about who is the audience, and what do they need.  

This seems simple enough but there is some nuance to thinking about who your followers are and what they need. You need to step out of your shoes and into the those of your customers or clients. Find out who your consumers are and how they engage on social media. 

Keep it conversational

Let your brand personality come through with each message. All of your tweets don't need to be about a product or service. Give your viewers access into your world. Give them the inside scoop of your company or event. View yourself as a content producer.

Engage with your audience

Make sure to respond to favorites, retweets and shares. Always respond to questions or inquiries.

Keep it timely

In today's fast moving informational world, relevance is key. It does not mean you need to talk about every current event. Just what is relevant to your niche. 

Understand the platform

As Gary Vaynerchuk says:  "Facebook is like TV, Twitter is like a billboard, Pinterest is like a magazine"