Five Tips for Great Storytelling

By Jordan Ruden 

The best way to engage an audience is with a great story. You can’t just be promoting all of the time. Here are a few basic tips on storytelling that can be applied to a social media campaign, an online video, or even a blog post.

1. Think about who is hearing your story. Who is your audience and what do they care about. Think about what will engage them to read another tweet, click on a story or keep watching an online video. Are you a local business trying to reach new customers or a fashion blog working to drive traffic to your site?  The idea is the same. Know your audience.

2. Organize the story around an act structure.  Acts are not just for plays. They can be a great tool to organize your story for articles, videos and even social media. You want to guide your audience through a series of emotions. Think about where to “turn” the story to create a reveal or change the tone.

3. Understand the medium. Twitter is words, Instagram is images, YouTube is motion pictures and music. Each of these forms require a different approach. Gary Vaynerchuk nails his story telling via Twitter. Max Joseph’s video work is exceptional: music, images and text on screen all come together perfectly in Follow the Frog.

4. Get advice. Whenever I write a story or produce a video, I get input from as many colleagues as possible. You can get so intertwined with a story you own that some aspects may not come through to the average reader or viewer.   If you’re stuck, or even if you’re not, a simple suggestion can turn a good video into a great video.

5. Have fun. If you enjoy writing, tweeting and making videos it will come through. Creativity is an incredible feature of the mind. Learn to use it and have fun.

There are many more things you can do to help tell stories. If you have some suggestions add in a comment below.