Demystifying Social Media for Nonprofits Roundtable

By Jordan Ruden

One of the joys of consulting is the variety.  I get to work with different organizations and consult on different aspects of digital media.  I recently led a round table discussion: Demystifying Social Media for Nonprofits. The event was run by the Yale Non Profit Alliance and by hosted at the social enterprise cafe COFFEED in Long Island City.  The evening's topics included:

  • What Is Social Media and Why Should Nonprofits Care?
  • The Social Media Landscape: Platforms and the Digital Media Audience
  • Defining Digital Goals and Creating a Story

The presentation was followed up with a panel discussion, which included Emad Salem of Battery Dance, Cara Chard of City Growers, and Brad Fleming of Brooklyn Grange Farm. It was a terrific event.  Like a watering a packet of assorted seeds, this talk is my way of helping several organizations blossom in their social media practices.